Domestic Natural Gas

A range of assessments are available covering both the Core CCN1 requirements and appliances as applicable to individual needs

Non domestic and catering natural gas

A range of assessments are available covering the Cores COCN1 or CCN1 requirements


Available for oil technicians covering installation and maintenance of oil fired appliances and storage tanks.


A range of assessments are available covering both level A (Fully qualified electricians) and level B (allied trades who need to undertake a limited amont of electrical work) of the building regulation PART P.

Pathway to Gas

This provides a route into the gas industry for mature operatives where attainment of an S/NVQ would not be suitable.  Formal training within a training centre and work experience under the guidance of a Gas Safe registered person is required. The operative compiles a portfolio of work evidence taking in the region of 4 to 6 months to complete. This scheme is not intended too replace existing S/NVQS for new entrance into the gas industry.

Successful candiates receive BLUEflame Certification.  The certification and training  together with the portfolio of evidence, will enable applicants to apply for the domestic CCN1 Core ACS assessments. On attainment CCN1 operatives may then proceed to further training and ASC appliance assessments.

Unvented hot water storage systems